Website Design Process-Web Development Project Life Cycle

Website Design Process-Web Development Project Life Cycle

We have published a new article about website design process and web development life cycle. you can view it following links. Website Design Process

Best10 Ways to increase your Google Page Rank

Best10 Ways to  increase your Google Page Rank

  1. Use Lots of Meta tags with commas and make sure not to repeat more than 3 times.
  2. Make sure at least one link to google
  3. Use browser safe colors for looks and more

Library Management Software System Download

We have launched a new Library Management Software specially for Library. It meets the demand of current library requirements. It has the some main features included. It helps you to automate your library with easy hands. It is very easy and user friendly.

Features of Library Management Software

  1. Books Available at Library
  2. Expired Books but Not returned
  3. Current Members and Valid Dates
  4. Expired Books Records
  5. Available Books in Library
  6. Valid of Books Borrowing dates
  7. Extra penalty would be charged at daily basis

Library Management Software System to automatize your library systematically