Web based Student Billing, Evaluation Software

We are going to launch a new web based student billing, student evaluation software very soon. It has following features as below:-

  1. Student Billing System
  2. Accounting Management
  3. Student Due Fee Management
  4. Student Credit Bill Management
  5. Financial Management
  6. Student Information Management
  7. Examinations/Mark sheet Management
  8. Double Entry Accounting System
  9. Pay Roll Management
  10. Automatic Data Backup
  11. Dual Date System (English & Nepali)
  12. Library Management System
  13. Student Attendance Management

Above functions are previously working on desktop based school management software. But the web based is going launch very soon. we are finalizing and testing it  .

About Creative System Pvt. Ltd.
We are software development company served from kathmandu for all geographical location of world

2 Responses to Web based Student Billing, Evaluation Software

  1. Patrick Letjala says:

    Good Afternoon

    I am a software consultant to SMMEs; medical practisioners and schools. I have several clients that are interested in the school management and library management software. When I saw your product on the web I wanted to test it but could not download it. Please give me the link to download the software for test. Should it be that you sell the software please send me a demo version link if possible.

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