Student Evaluation System Software-Student Mark Sheet Preparation, Student Teacher Performance

We have had launched a new software products from Developer union having the name Student Evaluation System Software under epathashala which  has following features:

Restaurant Billing System, Restaurant Management Software, Restaurent Accounting Software

Developer Union launched a new software having the Restaurant Management Software, it has following features:

  1. Restaurant Billing(POS)
  2. Restaurant Accounting
  3. Inventory Managements
  4. Pay-Roll Management
  5. Staffs in/out management with more features

Library Management Software System Download

We have launched a new Library Management Software specially for Library. It meets the demand of current library requirements. It has the some main features included. It helps you to automate your library with easy hands. It is very easy and user friendly.

Features of Library Management Software

  1. Books Available at Library
  2. Expired Books but Not returned
  3. Current Members and Valid Dates
  4. Expired Books Records
  5. Available Books in Library
  6. Valid of Books Borrowing dates
  7. Extra penalty would be charged at daily basis

Library Management Software System to automatize your library systematically

School Management Software launched a New Help File

We have published School Management Software Pathashala ‘s help file today to help the clients and make user friendly. Pathashala has the following features:-


  1. Student Billing System
  2. Accounting Management
  3. Student Due Fee Management
  4. Student Credit Bill Management
  5. Financial Management
  6. Student Information Management
  7. Examinations/Mark sheet Management
  8. Double Entry Accounting System
  9. Pay Roll Management
  10. Automatic Data Backup
  11. Dual Date System (English & Nepali)
  12. Library Management System
  13. Student Attendance Management

if you need software for your schools/ boardings/ private schools, you can visit our website and get emails or mobiles. we provide the good and guaranteed solutions. you can find help file of pathashala-Student Billing Software

Software Development Nepal

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